This creator power that you possess is within you. It is your light. You have the ability to transform your life in so many ways.

We offer support in getting back into alignment with who you truly are.

You are an energetic being living in physical form.

You are meant to enjoy this life fully. To release the fear + struggle. To feel healthy + energized. To live more authentically by honoring who you truly are.

Our work supports you to find balance at an energetic and physical level. Working with and accessing your inner power so you can making choices and take actions that is aligned with your highest intentions.

Are you ready to expand your self-awareness + push the limits of your Human-ness?

Energy plays a huge role in the way we operate in this reality. We are attracted by energy and repelled by it. I want to offer you support in learning how work with energy and even how to use it to navigate each month by working with specific energy tools like crystals, chakras + essential oils.

2019 energy guidebook

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You Are Energetic + Crystalline

The crystalline kingdom has the ability to help you see the light within yourself.  Because of their perfected geometric structures that come from within Earth, each stone carries a high vibrational energy.  

You as a HUman, are an energetic BE-ing and also have crystalline structures within your physical body.   Through entrainment and resonance, crystals have the ability to bring your body, mind and soul back into a balanced state. 

Vibrational Alignment

I work intuitively to put together an energetic plan for you. I recommend 3-5 essential oils and 3-5 crystals that will support your health + your well-being.

Alignment is real and it supports you in feeling grounded and in your body again. Giving you back your power so you can take the necessary steps to create change.


Receive supports that will help you create positive changes within your health + your life. Are you ready to expand beyond what you thought was possible? This community support you at a physical, mental, emotional + spiritual level.



stacy stehle, crystal healer + modern Mystic

Don’t let me fool you. I may look like the girl next door, but I have serious light here. It’s just undercover. If you really want to make rapid changes in your life, then partner with me! I will help you get results.