Benefits of Yarrow Pom Essential Oil and How To Use It

Benefits of yarrow pom essential oil

What I love about this essential oil is it’s color. Deep blue. Immediately I fell in love with it.

Yarrow Pom is an Active Botanical Nutritive Duo. This means that it is a blend of Yarrow essential oil and Pomegranate Seed Oil offering huge benefits for your body, skin and emotions.

There are many yarrow essential oil products on the market that contain thujone, which is a chemical that is toxic to the nervous system and should never be ingested. However, the doTERRA Yarrow oil has been tested through the CPTG® process to ensure it does not contain thujone in any trace amounts. 

This is a proprietary blend made by dōTERRA that support overall wellness, anti-aging and vitality.

The benefits of Yarrow Pom

  • It contains a chemical constituent called Beta-Carophyllene (β-caryophyllene): this supports and benefits the immune, cellular + nervous systems within the body, when taken internally.

  • It prevents the breakdown of elasticity and collagen from the skin

  • Promotes younger and healthier looking skin

  • Reduces the appearance of blemishes

  • Powerful antioxidant support for the whole body

  • Supports insulin resistance which effects weight loss

  • Supports a healthy hormone production which can also effect weight loss

  • Activates emotions, cognitive processes and even memory recall ⁣⁣

  • Calms and uplift your heart and mind


This is one of my favorite oils and I use it multiple times a day! I take 2 drops under my tongue before breakfast. I created a roller bottle with yarrow pom essential oil blend + grapeseed oil and apply this on my face in the evening.

What I have noticed is that my skin feels smoother and nourished, my skin tone is evening out and it helps immediately with dry skin.


How To Use Yarrow Pom

  • Take 1-2 drops morning and night to promote a healthy metabolism

  • Take 1-2 drops daily for immunity benefits

  • Apply Yarrow Pom topically to help promote the look of young and healthy skin, and reduce the appearance of blemishes

  • Create a soothing massage experience with a few drops of Yarrow Pom to help soothe tension

This is a truly transformational oil that can support you on all levels, including the release of anything not serving you.⁣⁣ Be gentle and start with one drop internally for a few weeks then work up to 2 drops.


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