How To Reduce Stress and Empower Your Inner Wisdom

How to reduce stress and empower your inner wisdom

You probably already know this, stress is not good for you.

It drains your energy, wrecks havoc on your health and even disrupts your relationships and life. A lot of people, even knowing it is not good for you, continue to live in a stressful life.

But what if, by reducing stress, you can actually make your life flow a lot easier?

  • Imagine insights and creative solutions popping into your head.

  • Seeing your life and business from a clearer perspective.

  • Gaining more confidence and finally living from your inner wisdom.

Would you be doing the things that you are currently doing that could be causing you to live in an unhealthy, stressful life?  Probably not.

Stress is a key factor that is keeping your inner wisdom shut down and not allowing you to access your full abilities.

When you are tapped into your inner wisdom, you are accessing expanded, multi-dimensional aspects of yourself. Opening up space for new ideas, connections and transformation to take place in your life.

Helping you to feel empowered and confident about who you are and the life you life.

How do you reduce stress and empower your inner wisdom?

By incorporate healing tools and healthy activities into your everyday life.

Here are some examples:

  • Conscious Breathe: Your breathe is so powerful. It connects you with your life force. Often in stressful situations we shorten our breath and thus loosing your connection to your inner wisdom. Conscious breathing allows you to be grounded and present within your body.

  • Meditate: Spending 5 minutes, to go within and get into a calm state, allows you to let go and feel centered. It also deepens your connection to your inner wisdom.

  • Get Creative: Do things that you love which involves activating your creativity. Painting, walking, hiking, drawing, sewing, etc. This greatly helps one to reduce stress and live in the present moment.

  • Work with crystals: Lay on the floor and intuitively choose crystals to lay around you and on you. The power of the crystals will help transform your energy, supporting the release of stress.

  • Diffuse Essential Oils: Essential oils work effectively at impacting our emotions through the limbic system in our brain. This helps us to manage our moods and emotions while also creating a calming, soothing, relaxing and grounded environment.


About Stacy Stehle

Stacy Stehle is the Founder + CEO of Holistic Luminary. As a Healer + Intuitive Energy Coach, she helps women release self-doubt + feeling scattered by taking back their power from within. Holistic Luminary is a spiritual & holistic portal that helps to refine the visionary living within you.