Top 3 Crystals for Beginners

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Crystals are beautiful, perfected geometric structures that come from within Earth. They have been used in healing, spiritual and holistic practices for thousands of years by many different cultures for their energetic properties to affect the body, mind and spirit.

Because of the way the crystals are formed and their stable perfected geometry, they each carry their own unique, strong, energetic vibration.

As a human, you are an energetic being that also has crystalline structures within your body. Through entrainment and resonance, crystals have the ability to bring your body back into a balanced state.


How Can Crystals Support You?

  • Help bring your body back into an energetic balance – thoughts and emotions are energetic. When you hold onto them, especially when they are negative thoughts or anger that you can’t seem to let go of, these lower energetic vibrations create an imbalance within your body and you can experience a break down within your bodies and even dis-ease within yourself.

  • Crystal are our energy teachers – they can teach you how to feel, sense and even see the energy of yourself and of them. They allow you to open up to this amazing part of you.

  • The qualities the crystals carry are also the qualities that you have within you – especially if you are being lead to work with a particular crystal, look at what that crystal means. What is it sharing within you? It may lead you to gaining more of who you truly are.

  • Crystals help you tap into your higher self allowing you to feel fully supported – By being to work with crystals or even having them in your environment allows you to open yourself up to energy, your understanding of how to work with energy and create energetic shifts. They are an important tools and teachers to have with you, that will support you in living a healthy and inspired life.

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Top Three Crystals For Beginners

I want to specifically share with you my top three crystals that you can start using to get acclimated to energy. These crystals will also help you to feel more balanced and connected within your physical body.

1. Selenite: This crystal is a form from the mineral gypsum. Clear white in color. Most often you can see fibrous striations that run through it. This crystal clears energy. It is one that can actually cleanse and clear other crystals. You can also use selenite to shift blocked and stagnant energy. It also allows you to connect and tune into a higher frequency of energy. This crystal will dissolve in water!

HOW TO USE IT: Take a wand and clear the energy of your aura. Start at the top of your head and move the crystal a few inches away from you all the way down to your feet. Sweeping the energy down. This is going to really help clear away any energies that are not of your highest good. You can also meditate with this crystal and wear it in your pocket.

2.  Black Tourmaline: This is a must have! This crystal is black in color. It is a protective stone which repels and blocks negative energy. It strengthens your energy field by releasing energy that is not yours. It cleanses, purifies and transforms dense energy into a lighter vibration. It also support you in feeling very grounded (in your body and present). This stone also helps to strengthen the immune system.

HOW TO USE IT: Find a small piece and carry it in your pocket. Find a jewelry piece of black tourmaline and wear it daily. You can also keep it in your environment.

3. Rose Quartz: This is a heart center stone. It brings forth a beautiful, peaceful, loving energy. Your heart center is about self-love. It will support releasing emotional stress and uncovering poor self-worth. It will bring these issues to the surface to be cleared. It will help you balance and calm excess energy. It also supports a youthful appearance.

HOW TO USE IT: Try finding a small piece to carry with you in your pocket. Hold onto a piece when you are feeling overwhelmed, anxious or excess energy that may not feel so good to you. Place this crystal in your bath and the water will infuse with the energy and create calming, loving waters.


Before you use your crystals, you want to make sure they are cleansed or cleared. Crystal need to be tuned from the work they do with transmuting and releasing energy. This helps them bring themselves back into their resonance frequency.


About Stacy Stehle

Stacy Stehle is the Founder + CEO of Holistic Luminary. As a Healer + Intuitive Energy Coach, she helps women release self-doubt + feeling scattered by taking back their power from within. Holistic Luminary is a spiritual & holistic portal that helps to refine the visionary living within you.