Are you looking to tune up your mind, body and soul?

You might be here because you are completely stressed and overwhelmed and nothing you have tried seems to work.

You might be looking for some relief from physical or emotional discomfort.

You might be looking for mental clarity and calmness.

You could also be here because you have a desire to move your health and life in a new direction.

You are ready to create a new way of being and living that lifts you up everyday!

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A Crystal Reiki Session will support you in balancing and aligning your energy

The many benefits of this session:

  • Helps with meditation and journey work

  • Promotes personal awareness

  • Produces a feeling of mental clarity and calmness

  • Boosts self-love and personal healing

  • Reduces stress

  • Encourages relaxation

  • Balances the mind, body, emotions and spirit

  • Treats physical discomfort and symptoms of dis-ease

Each session is tailored to meed the individual needs of the client.

My Crystal Reiki Sessions are a unique combination of crystal healing, crystal reiki and ethereal crystals. These sessions that allow for a deep healing and relaxation state.

Crystals are very powerful healing & spiritual tools. They are formed right within the earth and have been used for emotional, physical and spiritual balance since ancient times.

They have the ability to absorb, store and transmute energy due to their perfected geometric structures. They work with the highest form of energy which is Universal energies. Each crystal has their own unique energetic vibration and metaphysical healing properties. They work at an energetic level.

Crystal Reiki is a unique form of energy healing which utilized crystals and specific symbols not associated with traditional Reiki. This powerful healing channels energy to support healing at a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

Ethereal Crystals work with the energetic vibration or essence of the healing crystals, without the physical crystals. Here we access the blueprint and healing qualities of the crystals. It is a powerful process of energy healing that allows you to work with crystal healing frequencies within the body until they are no longer needed.

Energy Healing is not limited to time or space. I work at a quantum level to bring you support, healing and energetic shifts with You and your Higher Self. Mostly working specifically with the aura and chakra fields.

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What To Expect When You Book A Crystal Reiki Session With Stacy:

Each session is unique to the client. This is a distant healing session.

Before our scheduled time, I will have you to get grounded and centered. Find a nice space where you can lay down and will not be disturbed.

I will create a sacred space to begin the healing session, usually by clearing my space and setting up a crystal grid.

At our schedule time, all you need to do is state your intention for the session and just relax. Allow your mind to release any thoughts and focus on your heart center. Allow yourself to get into a meditative state to receive the energies.

I will then begin the healing session. It usually consists of my scanning your aura and energy centers to see if there are any other areas that need focus, besides what what shared on your intake form.

I will then place healing crystals and ethereal crystals on your chakras and body, particularly where you want to focus and channel Crystal Reiki through each area. I use a proxy in place of you which is a distant healing chart.

Typically I work on all 7 basic chakras, aura and any other areas of focus to help you feel more aligned and balanced.

After the session is done, I ask that you drink lots of water and do another grounding and centering exercise. The session lasts about 1 hour.

I will let put together a written PDF report of our session, which crystals were used and what you can continue to do to support yourself after the session.

 “I was drew to the Healing Circle by positive energy I felt from Stacy’s posts. My healing intentions were to cut and heal any cord which kept me to move forward. After the moon healing ritual I experienced an increasing energy. My intentions were fulfilled. Thank you Stacy! ”



  • A 1 hour distant healing session

  • A detailed 5-7 page PDF report, filled with information of your healing session, including which crystals where used. As well as recommendations on how to further support your healing and transformational journey.


By purchasing this service, you agree that I am not a medical doctor. I can not diagnose, treat or cure disease. You will seek appropriate medical care when you need to.

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