How To Tap Into Your Crystals Healing Power

How to tap into your crystals healing power

Crystals are amazing healing tools that come right from within Mother Earth. They have been around for thousands of years and they are becoming very common in this day and age, with many people owning them and showcasing them in their home.

The beautiful thing about crystals is that you really don’t need to know much about them to be able to tap into their healing power.

How to tap into your crystals healing power:

  • Keep them in your environment – crystals carry unique high energy vibrations and because of this they are able to raise the energy of what is around them. Just by having them in your environment you are gaining access to their healing abilities because they are transmuting energy within your own energy field.

  • Meditate with them – holding them in a quiet state of mind allows you to feel the energy of your crystal. Allow yourself to breathe in the energy and color of your crystals and just BE. Notice how you feel, what images or sensations come to you. This is a great way to being to work with your crystal.

  • Lay crystals on your body – let your intuition guide you and lay your crystals on your body and allow yourself to relax and unwind as you give yourself a healing treatment.

The crystals will be able to transmute and absorb unwanted energies and release them from with your energy field to help you on your own healing journey.


There is no right or wrong way to tap into the healing power of your crystals. It really takes you stepping into your intuitive nature and connecting with your crystal.

Work with your crystal and understand how it communicates with you and what it is sharing with you. Trust in the process and allow yourself time to heal yourself.


About Stacy Stehle

Stacy Stehle is the Founder + CEO of Holistic Luminary. As a Healer + Intuitive Energy Coach, she helps women release self-doubt + feeling scattered by taking back their power from within. Holistic Luminary is a spiritual & holistic portal that helps to refine the visionary living within you.